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Private Label Tea Business

We make it simple to get started, by providing personalized packaging, wholesale pricing, and support from start to finish.


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Wholesale Tea Products & Services

Our extremely low minimum order quantity and fast turnaround make our services irresistible. The global market for tea is estimated to surpass $21 billion in sales by 2024, reflecting an annual growth rate of 5%.

White Label Tea Products

We offer you the ability to sell white label tea, branded with your own identity, giving your tea shop authenticity.

Low Minimum Order Requirements

We are the only business offering private label tea orders starting with just 1 lb. of tea as a minimum.

Wide Variety of Supplies

We offer private label tea bags, loose leaf, single serve cups, and more for on the go tea drinkers.

Over 350 Distinct Blends

Every natural tea we offer is available for you to private label. Our goal is to help you create a successful business that grows, branches, and is as quality as the teas you offer.

All Natural. Award-Winning.

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Custom Blends

Custom Blends

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Liquid Fill

Tea Rooms

Tea Rooms

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