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Our Story

We Have a Deep-Seated Love for Tea

Rooted in Our English Heritage

Everyone knows the British simply love tea. And the British three generation team behind the family owned and operated Special Tea Company™ is no different.

We have a passion for world-class teas

Where there once was enjoyable taste, there are now an endless variety of flavors. Where there once was a pick-me-up, there are now incredible health benefits. Through in-depth research and development, we invested in natural tea blends, all free from irradiation, additives and preservatives.

With fresh, quality products that boost your health, we’re confident that you too, will simply love our teas.

Are You Ready to Taste the Difference?

With our popular product starting your own private label business is easier than you think.

In fact, this is the perfect time to start a business like this because tea is already popular...and the market is still growing. Tea consumption has increased exponentially over the past few years because more people are aware of its incredible health benefits.

Your Own Successful Tea Business is Closer Than You Think.
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